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SHERI FRUSHAY - Scarlet Song (Tough Cookie Music)

Hang around a scene long enough and you see artists evolve (or not), but Frushay's development hasn't been so much growth as pupation - from sitting in with an indulgent Calvin Russell Band for amateurish renditions of I feel Good to becoming Butch Hancock's favored opening act for Austin gigs. Quite a jump. While she's maintained her colorful, South Austin 'tough cookie' image, she's become a thoughtful, introspective, but solidly grounded, singer-songwriter who's moved into the front ranks without really going through any of the preliminary stages. Though the production is very sparse, Frushay's vocals and acoustic guitar supported only by the backup vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and left boot heel of David Waddell (aka The Sheri Frushay Band), the album is extraordinarily atmospheric and compelling, moving Joe Ely to comment "Sheri captures the spirit deep down in the grooves for everyone to hear." Of the 11 songs, one Talk Of The Town, is by Waddell, no mean songwriter himself, and another, Walk Tall Cowboy, was co-written with Sheri's father Ray Frushay, a once promising Country/rockabilly singer who, well his problems are his own business. Frushay's nine originals include songs dedicated to Townes Van Zandt and Stevie Ray Vaughan and one inspired by Evan Johns, which while illustrating her range of influences, may give a misleading idea of the very idiosyncratic and personal path she's taken from them.

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- John Conquest



From the first time that I stuck her tape in I couldn't stop listening to it. I listened to it for weeks, months,…..I'm still listening to it! It's the most listenable stuff I've heard in years. I am 'knocked-out' by her show! She's an incredible talent. I am so proud of her.

- Butch Hancock


Svenska Dagbadet - THE SWEDISH DAILY - JUNE 4, 1998


----We find more immediate emotional expressiveness on SHERI FRUSHAY's acoustic debut album SCARLET SONG. Sheri has a rougher voice than the rest, but it's full of FIRE and CONVICTION. SHERI FRUSHAY has written all the songs herself. The blues is present as a more basic attitude. It gives a certain pulse and colouring to the music which then develops along different lines: to blues, rock or country. SHERI FRUSHAY's basic UNFAILING sense for melody as well as her haunted expressiveness reminds the listener of TOWNES VAN ZANDT, VAN ZANDT filtered through LIGHTNIN" HOPKINS and ROBERT JOHNSON.

- Magnus Erikkson



"SHERI FRUSHAY, daughter of Austin country legend Ray Frushay, is the South Austin Queen of roadhouse country rock. Her vocals shred the air with raw power and her songs, well lets just say they're not for the weak of heart.

- Karen Tyler

(freelance blues journalist Austin Blues Monthly & Real Blues Magazine)


"Sheri captures the spirit deep down in the grooves for everyone to hear"

- Joe Ely

Sheri Frushay - Scarlet Song (Tough Cookie Music)

Debut recording for this Austin legend. A favorite of Butch Hancock and Joe Ely. Her style is raw singer-songwriter, not unlike Butch himself. The sound is sparse but filled with her expressive voice and one of a kind songs.This disc was the buzz in Austin during SXSW.

- Village Records

Within the grooves of Sheri Frushay's "Scarlet Song" CD, like wisps of smoke from Townes heavenly campfire, a soap creek minuet of old Austin Joplin mixed with a Charlene Arthur attitude. Eleven epic selections, each another world, & all both refreshing, & highly recommended

Eddie Russell - Country/ Outlaws For Peace Radio

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 Austin, Texas GCN - Entertainment News - Born in Austin, Texas this lady this dynamo is not only Austintacious but vivacious. She sings with a strength, depth and lyrical impact not often heard in Austin......THE LIVE MUSICAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD....Texas. A recent engagement at The Saxon Pub on S. Lamar Blvd. in Austin   left the crowd pleading for more, blown away and devastated. Sheri's feelings are fully extended into and through her musical-excitement cascading streaming into the air, tickling the ear, touching the heart and soul of people that care. This lady can sit-down, talk to anyone, has no airs, wants none and is truly friendly and nice. Her musical style is difficult to describe for it has roots, is new, fresh , innovative and appeals to gutsy and spirited people.

 Sheri has a recently released a CD that heralds her debut as a songwriter and recording artist. One of the 11 songs on the CD is  "Can't Even Sing The Blues", a dedication to Stevie Ray Vaughan. A MUST HEAR. This song speaks for itself. Another dedication that is found on this enthralling compilation is a song called "Sittin' in the right chair". A song Sheri wrote to Townes Van Zandt that speaks to your heart. This song is written and sung more like a prayer to Townes.

On the CD Sheri is accompanied by bass player and songwriter David Waddell. This duo is a team that has been proven to work as you can hear for yourself in "Talk of the town", a co-write by Waddell and Frushay. Waddell's music history reads long. He's played with the best: Townes Van Zandt, Billy Joe Shaver, J.J. Cale, Lonny Mack, and Calvin Russell, just to name a few. You can find him on many tracks in your record archives and one of his songs,"Muther Trucker", on a recent Billy Joe Shaver release. Though he is a great bass player, David Waddell's songwriting abilities are what legends are made of. He will be in the studio this summer recording his own songs and a co-write with Frushay, that will be released on Frushay's own Tough Cookie Music label.

When Sheri cuts loose with the band she adds Jim Panek ,"High-Priest of Hammond". Many are shocked to see this piano man work his show as he plays a late 60's Fender Mustang guitar with original J. B pickups. He takes you back to the 70's with those classic licks yet with a timeless style of his own. It reminds me why Southern Rock will never die.