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By George Greenville Butler


Today, more then ever before, certain slogans, catch phrases, and buzz words are being bantered about so loosely that people accept them easily without ever really contemplating what each means. The catch phrase, " DO YOUR OWN THING." is based upon an assumption that its perfectly right to do so, as long as doing your own thing doesn't hurt others. Today this is widely accepted. However in the act of doing your own thing, a question must be answered. Does doing your own thing hurt your-self? If the answer is yes, then clearly this would be an example of why society is in chaos and in disarray. This example illustrates the mentality that has resulted when a society is lost, doesn't have meaningful goals and is wandering from one quick-fix-saying to another. The divorce rate is high and child abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction continue to plague the country.

The most alarming fact is that the family unit has disintegrated into a web of television personalities, with unrealistic desires, and falsely promulgated ambitions. Everyday I meet people who remind me of television personalities. Instead of living, or developing their own individual person-personalities and lives, they mimic some television character that exudes zany happiness. Further the desires for goods and services is implanted so deeply within some peoples minds, that it dominates their whole lives. Finally, another problem is falsely promulgated ambitions. Since men have put down the ladies, well it's the ladies turn to wipe their feet on such foul creatures, so they work their way to the top without family, husbands or friends, just penthouse apartments to keep them warm. With these types of personalities, desires, and ambitions, it is no wonder nothing makes sense and few are able to live meaningful lives. All of the above trends are heightened within the broken home where little structure is maintained. To fantasize and grab and cling to suggestions by others is a common preoccupation.

This booklet has one primary goal in mind, which is to establish a perspective. One that does not interfere or replace anyone's religion, but instead helps the reader to establish an insight into his relationship with the world, while holding himself responsible for his own life.

This booklet tries to portray man's true importance and relationship to the world. Since the turn of the century there have occurred tremendous technical advances at a much faster rate than human progress, but how has this helped mankind? I am convinced that good will come from this progress and regretfully, some bad. The reason I originated the concept of "Be Good To Yourself" is that I had a friend who was under-going some psychological problems and as I was driving down the road one day I asked myself: What advice in as few words as possible could I give this friend that would benefit him? The answer was: "Be Good To Yourself" which placed full responsibility on himself for his life and also said a hundred things about his personal psychology. The origination of the "Unified Philosophical Concept" came to me one day while drinking coffee. I started at the top of the page and wrote, starting with survival, the steps backward. The strength of this concept is that the relationships are true either way you read them. This booklet is a primer that should be studied so that the reader can better understand his relationship to his world, thereby establishing a foundation to build from, and pointing himself in a direction that his life can take. Hopefully this will result in a belief system that makes sense, ensures his survival and helps him to:



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