The Delusion Hides The Delusion

- george greenville butler

These individuals and or institutions past and present I divide into two groups, Delusion Breakers and Delusion Nurturers the Delusion Breakers strive through truth seeking,  to provide us a mechanism for freedom while conversely the Delusion Nurturers seek new ideas and ways of mesmerizing, seducing us so to enslave and control us. This latter group the Delusion Nurturers at times espouses good ideals but usually the total truth is forgotten, so much of what they advocate might be high minded but the money secrets are usually wittingly or unwittingly hidden or ignored.  The most difficult freedom of all to attain,  is freedom from the delusion created by systems of thought that continue to nurture an ego, fallen state which perpetuates the state of delusion that hides this realization from us.




The above quote is "The butler principle"

Delusion Breakers

Delusion Nurturers

Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site - in depth JFK info. Col. Prouty honored truth / Jan 24th 1917 - June 5th 2001,  Eulogy / Colonel Prouty wrote two insightful books that revealed the hidden system of rule Friedrich von Hayek , author of the book entitled "The Road to Serfdom" - the problem is that his free market ideas did not apply to the monopoly of money creation group
Info Wars - this site led by Alex Jones who is a courageous leader striving for truth, Alex Jones and Mike Hanson July of 2000 penetrated the  "Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy"  in California bringing out a video  (Bohemian Grove Video)  exposing the activities therein. Mike Hanson's book entitled "Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy" exposes the truth about the Bohemian Grove. Both Mike Hanson and Alex Jones have done much to expose the Bohemian Club.   
Ida Tarbell - (1857-1944), the sole woman in Allegheny College's class of 1880, was America's first great woman journalist. She set an example that today's practitioners would do well to emulate. A relentless pursuit of all the facts and fairness in presenting them marked her writing throughout her career. She also refused to exploit her professional accomplishments for monetary gain or celebrity status. The History of the Standard Oil Company - By Ida M. Tarbell  

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