george butler





1. Money Problem – the monopoly of money creation


1. Money Solution – create community banks which individuals together can begin to create money for themselves as account stakeholders


2. Education Problem – today’s schools primarily nurture and promulgate dominate systems of control


2. Education Solution – new schools would reveal to  its students the previous ulterior motives of most educational systems which perpetuate the dominate wealthy


3. Communication Problem – all citizens world-wide are overly regulated and restricted in their communications


3. Communication Solution – maximize the efficiency and access in addition to minimizing the cost to citizens world-wide of communication means, only individuals would have the right of exchanging encrypted communications, all governments would be prohibited from using encrypted means so their actions would be totally open to public scrutiny


4. Hate Problem - Hatred and resentment fuels transgressions against one another


4. Hate Solution -  forgiveness releases us from thought slavery maintained by the ego nurtured and support by hatred


5. Delusion Problem – the delusion is synergistically driven and we all suffer from self-delusion by degree and in this state we forever seek out those imputes that support the ego state and continue this state of denial and ignorance and so most of the time the ego  perpetuating delusion is the threat!.


5. Delusion Solution – we must strive to attain a better overall realization of the IS free from preconceptions seeded in by interpreters. To come out of the Delusion is to come out of that sleep state that overrides our true self. We must truly with a heart felt change start walking in a state of acceptance and works, creating a dynamic through forgiving, of deriving a greater objective means of seeing reality as it IS!


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