Freedom through Enlightenment



………… a way for a successful search of self becoming a freeman by accepting and bending one’s knee to a higher power than man coming to realize that knowledge is a means to wisdom but is not wisdom, while striving through a striving for a state of forgiveness being (IS) through which one can attain only a partial release as great as is humanly possible from the delusion while at the same time a realistic integration is achieved by working in a productive way, not judging but ministering among ones contemporaries with friendship, love and understanding while providing the greatest gift of all to one another Forgiveness.

History of Education

The new school would be a school where freemen would study the history of education and the many reasons and misuses of schools and education. This would logically come at the beginning of the school session and be fleshed out through out the enlightenment process.

History of Occultism

This is necessary to understand how humankind has been devolved by corrupt leaders over the millenniums, mere men have used all systems of thought to ensnare, enslave and control the masses.

Self Knowledge

Self knowledge has always been a most noble goal of humankind. Man being both self conscious and self regarding, establishes the possibility that man has the capability to know himself. This evidently is much more difficult to achieve than to merely discuss in intellectual discourse. For the age old problem is that few men ever achieve self knowledge, resulting instead in ignorant masses little realizing the shortcomings of humankind’s failure. Within our hearts we carry who we really are and our love for humankind without judgment nor resentment, when expressed for our fellow man is truly the gift of enlightenment

Social Synergy

Social Synergy is an original concept that enables one after much thought to see, understand, and become aware of all social dynamics interacting synergistically together, facilitating a better understanding through wisdom of the interdependence of all. Single influences alone have not nearly the impact when today influences synergiscally taken together have impacted our society in a negative way but good synergy and outcomes can also result.





Know Thyself – was a saying used by the Greeks to teach self knowledge. So to proactively begin to know oneself is to begin a process to better understand ones own personality and character traits so that one might be able to reform those negative traits and through experiencing a continual system of self observation an awakening to a greater self knowledge is attained

Psychology Personal – make use of known body of knowledge as a means to begin a foundation and paradigm that through greater knowledge and discover can be modified

Personality Analysis – enables individuals to appreciate and see the differences among themselves

Human Nature – study of the essence of human nature

Self Awareness - is an evolving toward a means of becoming more aware of one’s thoughts and seeing oneself interacting with those controlling thoughts as they unfold increasing ones self knowledge and self awareness attaining a heightened and elevated level of understanding.



Know Thy Thoughts – denotes a process of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are unfolding and come to realize how those thoughts mold one's actions. In the experiencing of ones self observation this hopefully will become a continuous dynamic in the context of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are being processed by the mind and becoming aware of the beginning of the initiation of ones actions and later the ramifications and finally the consequences of those actions and the acceptance of being responsible for or admitting to one self the shirking of those responsibilities.

Self Observation – the capacity of the mind to bend back upon itself, observing itself, at times this capacity is described with the terms, reflexive, reflexivity



"We are born as babes at the top of a mountain stream falling into the stream at its beginning. The stream as it sweeps down the mountainside gains a greater and greater swiftness and force. The currents grow stronger the waters swifter and deeper, throwing us hither and throe like bits of flotsam battered against the rocks engulfed by the whitewater swept just as helpless babies where the stream desires. We grow older as we progress down the stream finally able to paddle out of the center of the current seeking relief within the still waters, keeping in mind that where the stream empties into the sea there death awaits. Further down the stream we wade out of the stream standing on the hills along the shore. We stand in judgment from those hills looking down on those being swept to their deaths thinking them as fools. We must let go of this judgment replacing it with forgiveness melting our hearts, reflecting grace, vanquishing hate forever. Eventually we all relent regaining our senses and eventually rejoin the rest of humankind joining those in the stream and together ministering one to another as we are all washed to the sea, so ends our lives. The water is the light. So as our lives unfold we become inundated by an overwhelming amount of streams of light carrying conveying information, data, symbols, idols, ideas rushing into our minds fixating, molding, influencing, ruling, addicting, seducing, us. So do we not realize this or try and awaken from this slumber and accept grace reflecting the essence of that acceptance by forgiveness being, so ending the night."



Know Thy World is a journey of discovery of worldly things. We should endeavor to discover those systems that control us through a systemized state of debasement.

Political System – "Physical Superiority, Orchestrating Money-Mind Sorcery", Natural Law, Social Contract, Documents – Constitution, Bill of Rights, Occultism as higher control technique

Physics – "Time Dynamism" helps us establish a relational-perspective wherein ones relationship with a real physical world can be established and fully realized

History – "Historians-Storytellers", relevance of history repeating itself, revisionism

Money Secrets – teachings about fractional banking, economics – usury, Prosbul, modern economics, gold is freedom, fiat money portends destruction

Mind Control – Brain Washing, Hustles, coercive influence, DID, memory recovery

Secrets - No Secrets, No Secret Societies

New World Religion – Mammonism the new secret world religion and how it is negatively impacting a free society

Conspiracy Scholarship – goal is to educate scholars who are well informed of the real world system, every teacher a student every student a teacher



NATURAL BILL OF RIGHTS – based on and generated by natural law, natural rights

FINANCIAL BILL OF RIGHTS – everyone world wide should have access to community banks on a fair and equitable basis

C.O.O. IT – C.OMING O.UT O.F IT. This system of thought is meant not to be a way of being but instead is a process of release that results in a way of not being. To come out of it is to start deprogramming oneself through a real striving for truth that is unfettered with only a minimal ego system. Slavery of the mind can be accomplished through any world view whether the system is a Christian Fundamentalist or Atheistic view. They both can be wrongly used to judge. Judging results in one thinking they have discovered some great mystery that leads toward a greater self. We all suffer from self-delusion by degree and in this state we forever seek out those imputes that support the ego state and continue the state of denial and ignorance. The ego senses wrongly that any negative about the self is a threat to the individual, a threat to ones survival. To see and accept these negatives, thus initiating a process of positive change of release is to enhance ones survival. The ego perpetuating delusion is the threat!

FORGIVE ALL ALWAYS - forgiveness releases all from a synergistic system of hate-fueled megalomaniacal creatures who manifest demagoguery of ruler ship establishing and nurturing a man-created rebellion against goodness

USURY NOT - minimize interest paying thereby reducing economic slavery to those who unrightfully have gained control over the un-natural mechanism of money creation

DEPOSESS ALL - expunge all mind & brainwashing ideas of propaganda that govern our actions and beliefs & exorcize from all structured evil, exorcism

COMMUNITY BANKS – new banks organized much like credit unions, establishing grass roots up organizational framework

DELUSION – the essence of an insidious system a delusional system that hides itself from itself, reveal this system thus negating this as a slave mechanism

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS! – self help means to begin recovery, love thy neighbor as thyself





TRUTH IS the way




This New School is one where individuals learn through an enlightening process, to better be able to Know Themselves and Others and how they are interdependently interconnected, and dynamically interacting at the speed of light with the creation and one another. The main emphasis of the curriculum is to raise ones awareness to a level of understanding that minimizes the ego to a manageable level, thereby the ego being lesser able to substantially interfere with the self, thus negating as much as possible our fallen, and enslaved state, to the sensual world.

This New School is a method of uncovering our psychological dysfunctionality so that individuals changing themselves would collectively together through the enlightenment process of interaction, progress toward a greater awareness of the compulsive, fallen state that humankind finds itself trapped into, but never seems to be able to extricate itself from.

The ultimate goal of the school is to help the community achieve a state where their thoughts and experiences are in harmony with the creation, all having given up and expunged from themselves as much as humanly possible all the resentments and hatreds that have accumulated during their lifetime.

When individuals bring about change in their individual lives then that example does far more good than anything else they could have done, for to walk in the spirit is to affect others lives and the walk is the individual's true belief.

July 4, 2002   - george greenville butler