QUOTES BY george



The Conscience is the Real Self offsetting somewhat

the Dominance  of the False Self's Delusions........

.....the way out...Forgiveness helps us resolve this

battle between the Real Self and False Self

Resulting in a slow dissolving and dominance

of the False Self returning us home to our

Real Self a Conscience based self of



Latest two sayings

We are many divided and they are few united

Men seduce women, women seduce men,

the world seduces all


Now we all have a right to be judged by a jury of our peers, 12 Drones

A Living Constitution can Die

The Delusion HIDES The Delusion

The New World  Religion, Mammonism

with Billions of Followers tithing interest

Through forgiveness we awaken transforming

information and knowledge into wisdom

 The World is a Conspiracy and everyone a victim

"Men distribute

Human Rights,

and  God


An Occult Capstone







I use to think Bank Robbers Criminals,

Now I consider them folk heroes

"A Few men have conquered Everest

but fewer still have conquered their Egos"


"Every Government The Realm

every man a pauper"

Don't Look a Gift Giver in the Mouth


Parasites Hiding Secrets of Dominance Dynamics 

From Ignorant Plundered Hosts

"Searching through the Fog

Outside of the Box

Crossing over the Maze

Finding Freedom

Forgiving Myself and Others


God's Grace




"Natural Economics Springs forth 

from the Spring of Eternal Wisdom"

"The Ego Perpetuating Delusion is the Threat" 

Delusional Men Feed on Illusions of Lies

The Delusion Is Real

When your computer won't boot up, don't 

blame it on the Buddhists

"We have our leaders to fear, and that's both sides"

The Delusion Is Deeply, deceptively,

Hidden so few ever see It

From Within It

Superior Force Orchestrating Money-Mind Sorcery

The Delusion-Less Path is the Way

Let Them Eat Medals

Forgiveness Being Streams Truth

Governments fleece liberals with compassion

and Conservatives with authority

Oral Tradition Babbles

They know not why they do what they do

Make Evil Home-less

The Ego masks the subtlety


Our delusion

Each one must do their own forgiving

The Main-Line Media main-lines Dope to Addicts

Within a non-living Constitution lives Freedom

The Truth is Preposterous

Young Egos and Young Bulls Fight


Constructs of Man, crumble easily and fall, soon forgotten

Evil hides under an illuminated veil of goodness

ITS a hustle

Every Woman a Goddess every man a scoundrel

Compounding of Evil

Man is nursed from birth into slavery

An unarmed man has little will just fantasies

 Amazing truth how sweet it is

The secret is there are no secrets, just undiscovered truths

Awareness breeds truth

If all things are known than truth is present

Men are not mountains

The truth stands before sometimes hidden

By lies, sometimes bared & whole, for all

who see

Where an arrow flies hope survives

Matter is a reflection of stored time

Man is not the measure of all things, just ego

When Man is free from the goddess, the world will be free 

Bow to no man and expect the same

Rotate thy tires

Life is too short to be sad

God heals through grace

When alone think

Among others speak

When with God receive

Be good to yourself & others

Each man is alone with his destiny

Truth ain't ain't truth is

Truth has no politics

The intensity of our perception and

The degree of our awareness determines

The wisdom of our will and the worth

Of our lives

 In the presence of light is reality

That we may see, that we may be

It ain't no fun being famous dust

 Man is enslaved by the goddess, mom, girlfriend, wife

The world is a jungle full of parrots