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                                              George Butler 

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            -  Butler's New Theory of Perspective  -     

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                  The Surface of a sphere in motion!

                                        -  George Butler          

BUTLER'S GENERAL THEORY of TIME                       

Time Reality

    Reflections from teardrops can tell us many things but  words 
read  within  reflections streaming into our minds tells  us  one 

           LAW: Reality Unfolds at the Speed of Light!

    Can  this be the Truth? Is reality unfolding at such  a  high 
rate of speed? 
    The reflections from objects are traveling or streaming  thru 
our eyes into our minds at the speed of light. The accepted velo
city of light (c) in vacuum is 299,792.5 plus or minus 0.4  kilo
metres  per second or 186,282.4 plus or minus 0.2 miles  per  se
    Since  Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity  published  in 
1905, this constant (c) has been recognized as one of the  funda
mental constants of modern physics. 
    During the twentieth Century time has been a very elusive and 
mysterious unknowm. Albert Einstein through his Special and later 
with his General Theory of Relativity revealed some truths  about 
    Hermann Minkowski's mathematical interpretation of Einstein's 
theories  furthered physicists understanding of time.  A  further 
analysis  of the twentieth century  shows that World War II   fo
cused  theoritical physics primarily towards producing a  nuclear 
bomb.  Thus physics research was concentrated on nuclear  physics 
using  reductionism  techniques to discover smaller  and  smaller 
    The relevance of the  speed of light itself was ignored  even 
though it is a fundamental constant of modern physics, but for me 
this constant proved an important tool in unraveling time. 
    The  actual physical structure of light is important but  not 
as important as the constant (c) is to the riddle of time. 


                       <---------          *    *   object 

             *                             *
             A                             B

                            / \


     1. Observer  is recording this event  with  a  Super-Butler          
        movie  camera  (note I named it after myself -  a  small             
        ego  trip).  This  camera can propel its  film  past  the           
        lens  at  the  speed  of light. The  speed  of  the  film            
        being hypothetical. 
     2. Object - is moving  from right to left at the   constant          
        speed of light knowing that this speed is hypothetical so 
        as to explain this thought experiment.

     3. The  Distance between point A and point B  is  299,792.5              
        kilometres or 186,282.4 miles or one light second. 

     4. Observer  -  films  the object only  from  point  B.  to               
        point  A.          

     5. The  speed  of the  film through the camera  is  at  the               
        speed  of  light.  The speed  is  hypothetical  for  this              
        thought experiment to explain what is happening.

         Conclusion:  The observer has exposed 1 second  of  film          
         and after the film is developed he finds the film to  be              
         299,792.5 kilometers or 186,282.4 miles long. Since  the          
         film,  object,  and light all traveled at the  speed  of          
         light Total Reality was recorded. The length of the film          
         is Space-Time.  

                       <---------          *    *   object 

             *                             *
             A                             B

                            / \


     1. Observer is recording the event with a Super-Butler movie          
        camera. The film is being propelled past the lens at  the         
        speed of light. 

     2. Object is moving from right to left at half the speed  of         
        light and the velocity is constant. 

     3. The  distance  from point A. to point  B.  is  299,792.5           
        kilometers or 186,282.4 miles. 

     4. Observer films the event only from point B. to point A.

Conclusion: The observer has exposed 2 seconds of film and  after              
            developing the film he finds that the  length of  the             
            film is  599.584 kilometers or 372,564.8 miles long. 

Final Conclusions: 

    1. The length of the film for event #2 is twice that of Event        
       #1  so  that the stream of  phenomena  experienced  during        
       event  #2 required twice the length of film for  twice  as        
       much  time  had elasped during event #2 as event  #1.  The        
       length of the film illustrates the spacial characteristics        
       of  time  and  proves  that time  is  truly  a  stream  of        
       phenomena,  and  the greatest  realization  of  Space-Time        
       results in fields.                                  
    2. The second  observation is that during the object's  path        
       through  space  it  traced  out an  exact  tunnel  of  its        
       dimensions, thus it  displaced  the light as it  proceeded        
       in its path. 
       The  light just previous to each instance of  displacement        
       had characteristics of infinite time and space so that the         
       reflections we see are an indication that a store of  time        
       (matter)  is present. Thus establishing a process  of  the        
       unfolding  of time associated with this  particular  store        
       (object) of time. 

    3. The only  variable between Event #1 and  Event #2 was  the        
       speed of the object all other criteria were held the same.

    4. Another point is that within this stream of phenomena  are        
       locked all the reality of the event. 

    5. The total  image  stream is  revealing two aspects of  the        
       two  events.  The first aspect is that  the  image  stream        
       shows that motion is present for when the film is develop
       ed the objects appear in different locations on the  film. 
       Interwined  within  the  streams is the  fact,  that  part        
       of the length of the  image stream reveals motion and part        
       of the stream is time that is being stored or fields  that        
       are  being  confined.  These two   aspects  in  these  two        
       examples are not able to be separated because the  reality        
       of  each  instant of time consisted of motion  and  stored        
       time  simultaneously unfolding. In event #1 there  existed        
       within  the image   stream no stored-time aspect  for  the          
       velocity  of  the  object was equal to that  of  light  so        
       that the object merged into the light field thus no  store        
       of  time  was possible. In  #2 the velocity of the  object              
       was less than that of light so in this event both  aspects        
       of motion and stored-time were revealed. 
    6. The  velocity of  light is the ultimate velocity  in  our 
       universe so light itself is our clock, and the stored-time        
       aspect exists surrounded by this clock reflecting time and        
       the presence of stored-time and motion (spacial-time) when        

    7. Spacial Time - motion
       Stored-Time  - matter, compressed spacial time 

    8. Fourth dimension - If one giant concave eye could surround        
       an  object and interact and perceive from all  sides  with        
       that  object then the observer would be  experiencing  the             
       totality of the fourth dimension. The normal observer  can              
       only experience one perspective at a time.


   Classes:                           Kinds:

   1. Self-Directing                  1. Emitters - Sun 

   2. Reactionary                     2. Reflectors - Earth

                                      3. Contractors - Black hole   


    An  atom is matter and occupies space so it is storing  time. 
For great energies are released during a nuclear explosion, these 
energies  are  part of the overall dynamism of the  universe  for 
when  this  event occuries confined fields are released  thus  an 
expansion of space-time occuries. The ultimate expansion of  time 
is the creation of fields. Time is being continuously transformed 
by  nature  through the dynamics of black holes into  matter  and 
further  time creation occuries from stars. Matter and light  are 
both  present within suns and black holes signifying  their  pre
scence and importance in time dynamism. 
    From  the beginning when light and matter were present  light 
far outraced the matter exploded outward thus light has enveloped 
all  matter  of the universe. The Earth is orbiting  our  sun  at 
approximately  66,600 miles per hour. Thus can the light  of  our 
sun  and stars reflect from our Earth revealing  the presence  of 
the Earth. 
    Matter  reflects  light because it is moving  at  a  velocity 
which  is  less than the speed of light. Light does  not  reflect 
itself but Light reflecting bodies such as the earth must  travel 
at less than the speed of light other-wise they would be part  of 
the field traveling at the speed of light. 
    Black  Holes don't reflect light but instead  recompress  and 
create  the confinment of fields that are eventually  transformed 
into  matter and light. Black holes are examples of  dark  bodies 
which  may  later become emitters and or explode  or  spew  forth 
matter in one or more directions.

Commanalities and Relationships

    Light being emitted from an emitter body declines with inten
sity  inversely with the square of the distance between  the  ob
jects  (The  principle of diminishing  size).  Gravitational  and 
reflected light have the same relationship. The expanding surface 
of a sphere is expanding as a squared function of the radius  and 
the  volume of a sphere varies as a cubed function of the  radius 
of  a   sphere. The relationships that follow  tie  together  and 
further explain the dynamics of what is happening. 
    1. Light intensity                                          
       a. Emitted light  -  intensity varies inversely with  the            
          square  of  the  distance between the  source  and  the            
          observer  -  intensity  of and  source  of  light  held            

       b. Reflected  light - intensity  varies inversely with the           
          square  of the distance between the object and the  ob-
          server source and intensity of the light held constant

    2. Principle of diminishing size   

       a. The size of an  image (object) declines inversely  with           
          the  square of the distance between the image  (object)           
          and the observer              
    3. Gravitational - gravitational force varies inversely  with              
       the  square  of the distance between bodies  -  mass  held 

    4. Emitted & Reflected light - considerations     

       a. Establishes reality 

       b. Establishes   relationship  between    motion   (uni-          
          directional time) and Stored time dimensional time).
       c. Emitted light is space-time expanding

       d. Reflected  light reveals stored time and  motion  when           

    5. Fields - inside nucleus

       a. Inverse   relationship  opposite those  of  spherical           
          geometry  -  strong force between quarks  is  directly           
          opposite to that of spherical dynamic relationships

    6. Confined fields - characteristic of stored-time, matter

    7. Unconfined fields - characteristic of radiation, expanding     

    8. 3 dimensional objects        
       a. Space-Time  relationship using the distance  to  phe-           
          nomena's  every atom treated as a separate 3 dimensi
          onal  object  thus  calculating  the  volume  of  each            
          in relationtionship to it's own unique sphere  genera-           
          ted by using the distance between the observer and the            
          atom as the radius. 

    9. Distance - between phenomena, creates commom spheres that 
       establish space-time relationship between phenomena

   10. Atom - each atom's particles have their own dynamics based        
       upon   distances   between   particles   using   spherical        
       relationships these are spherical outside the nucleus and 
       everted spherical inside the nucleus

   11. Light  dynamics  -  the  x,y,and  z  vectors  create   3        
       dimensional space, the fourth dimension is the reflection
       and  interaction of all fields among phenomena  while  the        
       center of the nucleus is everted Space-Time.  

   12. Space-Time -  2 vectors or dimesions are directly  related             
       to  the  2 dimensional surface of a sphere and  the  third       
       dimension  is the poynting vector or third dimension.  The     
       X  and  Y  vectors can be thought as being  tangent  to  a            
       sphere,  the  source of the field being  imbedded  in  the              
       sphere's  surface  and  the poynting  vector  is  oriented            
       toward the sphere's center where the observer or interact-
       ing  phenomena  is. The momentum of  the  poynting  vector              
       conpletes  the third of the three dimensions and the  dis-              
       tance between the source and the observer establishes  the              
       Space-Time relationship  between phenomena. What is impor
       tant  to  keep  in  mind is, as  the  poynting  vector  is              
       realized  it is passing through the sphere's volume  which              
       is  three dimensional, and the sphere was  established  by              
       the distance between phenomena, the field's momentum  com-       
       pletes the Space-Time relationship between phenomena.     


 "Butler's New Theory of Perspective"       

     One might tend to wonder why this book takes up the  subject 
of perspective. When I first started exploring the subject as  to 
the  essence of time and space, my first view was to  investigate 
the reflection of light from matter. The next logical  conclusion 
was  that  in studying this matter (no pun  intended)  it  became 
apparent  that inherent in the riddle of time and space  was  the 
explanation of perspective. 
     Why  do  objects appear smaller the further away  they  are? 
Some of the standard explanations are as follows:                             
   1. One explanation is  that nature has created an illusion  so       
      that we can judge distances and have depth perception. 

   2. Another  explanation is that a perspective picture  is  an       
      optical illusion thus imitating certain visual phenomena. 

   3. Still  a  third  explanation is  that  the  appearance  of       
      objects differs from reality. 
    These answers seem to me to be totally without merit and  had 
probably been inherited from the middle-ages with some moderniza
tion having occured along the way. 

Reality Center

     In answer to these confusing and often contradictory  theor
ies  concerning perspective.  I created a concept that  I  called 
"Reality  Centers". Briefly stated  it means that each one of  us 
views  the world and universe from our own unique  "Reality  Cen
ter". Even an object can also assume to have an "Reality Center". 
The best example of this would be the Earth which acts and inter
acts with the universe from its own "Reality Center" its  center. 
The  reason I use the term "Reality Center" is that only  at  the 
reality  center  point do objects assume their  full  dimensions. 
Consider two spheres of different sizes. When the two spheres are 
separate  each one is viewing the other at a distance.  The  view 
each  has of the other is smaller than full sized  reality.  Only 
when  the  two spheres have a common center do both  spheres  ex
perience  the  total true and full dimensions of the  other.  The 
"Reality  Center" concept I later defined as a law and is  stated 
as such:                        

             Law: Two entities experience the greatest
                  dimensional reality when they have
                  a common "Reality Center". 

    When movement is experienced away from these reality  centers 
then and only then do objects become smaller. The laws of  Eucli
dean  and  non-Euclidean geometry were used  to  conceptilize  my 
General theory. 


    When  two spheres exactly the same size have the same  center 
then  the  law of unity prevails. Then and only then  would  each 
sphere  experience  the  full and  total  dimensionality  of  the  
other. Two spheres were used in the preceding to make the concept 
easier  to understand but any two or more geometric solids  could 
experience unity. As these spheres move away from each other then 
space-time  increases  and  their  experience  of  each   other's 
dimensionality  decreases  for  a greater  amount  of  space-time 
exists around them. 

             Law  of: "True Unity": Two entities  having  exactly 
                       the  same "Reality Center" and having  all 
                       dimensions in common are in "True  Unity". 
                       When  two entities have "True Unity"  they 
                       experience the same time.                              

Infinity Pathways

    Another  concept  that I created I call  "Infinity  Pathways" 
what  I  mean by this is that from our "Reality Centers"  we  not 
only  realize and see what is around us but infinity is  streamed 
to us along these pathways ending at our "Reality Centers".  Just 
because  a  building  is  in front of  us  does  mean  that   our 
perception  is  limited by that building for  our  perception  is 
through  that  building forever. Though at times  our  perception 
seems  limited  that  does not negate  the  fact  that  "Infinity 
Pathways  still  exist. Meaning that the time  and  space  behind 
objects  we can't see through exists whether we can sense  it  or 
not. Certainly our senses are limited but the incoming images are 
streaming  into  our minds at the speed of light and as  long  as 
this stream continues it represents infinity not only in the fact 
of its unbroken stream but so immense is the universe that to  us 
infinity is the universe extending outward from us forever.  What 
is  important  is that these image streams are  streaming  toward 
"Reality   Centers"  which  represent   finite  Space-Time.   The 
difference  is obvious in the fact that Light is  terminating  in 
perception  at a "Reality Center" thus establishing a duality  of 
of infinite Space-Time and Finite Space-Time which together  form 
total reality. 
    The  blocking  out  of infinity  behind  an   object  (Image) 
reaches the maximun blocking out effect at the reality center. 

           Law:  "Infinity Pathways exist in all directions  from             
"Reality Centers".


    The straight line is the new symbol for infinity for it comes 
from forever and extends to forever.

Finite - Space - dimension-less center 

    The Reality Center is defined as a center of a store of  time 
it can best be conceptualized as the center of a sphere or center 
of the nucleus of an atom. At times that center may be the center 
of  a  celestial body or just one single atom or atoms  they  all 
having their own Reality Centers as centers of their nuclei.                  
    Objects  appear as they do in actuality for they are  exactly 
as they appear. Light is reflected from surfaces of objects  back 
to the viewer. The quanta of images reflected back to the  viewer 
are  all  based upon radii of different lengths. The  nucleus  of 
each atom so to speak is a reality center and the viewer has also 
established another reality center. The relationship of these two 
reality  centers is based upon differing spheres  with  different 
lengths  of  radii from the viewer to each atom .  When   surface 
reflections are received then the outter limits of the object  is 
established.  These images are quanta of imaging  with  differing 
areas  depending  on  the  distance  from  the  viewer  to   that 
particular part of the object being viewed. The size of the image 
will vary based upon an inverse squared relationship depending on 
the distance between the viewer and object. In addition each atom 
in  the object functions in two ways first the atom  reflects   a 
different  sized  image  and occupies a constant   volume  in  an 
expanding  or contracting space-time  continuum depending on  the 
distance between the viewer and the object. This expanding space-
time continuum is based upon the geometry of a sphere. Each  atom 
incorporated  into an object has its own reality center  and  the 
viewer has their own reality center. 

    Six   factors  are working in conjunction  with  one  another 
concerning  space-time  expansion and contraction,  they  are  as 

    1. The surface area of a sphere fluctuates on the basis of  a        
       direct squared function of the radius (2 dimensional).

    2. The volume of a sphere fluctuates on the basis of a direct        
       cubed function of the radius (3 dimensional). 

    3. The  apparent size of the image of an  object  fluctuates        
       based   upon an inversely squared  relationship  depending         
       on the distance between the observer and the object. 

    4. Two dimensions of a field are tangent to the surface of  a        
       sphere,  the  source  (field)  imbedded  in  the  sphere's 
       surface  and the momentum of the field manifested  by  the 
       poynting vector completes and expands the 2D space-time to 
       3D  Space-Time.  

    5. Time  -  is  the interaction  of  all  phenomena  in  all 
       directions between phenomena, simultaneously unfolding.
    6. Distance - When distance is established between phenomena    

    True  perspective is established when all  six  of the  above 
factors  operate  to create a change in space-time. Thus  when  a 
change  in  space-time occuries then the perspective  of  objects 
must change for movement changes the space-time relationship.

                        SEVEN DIMENSIONS

    We experience SEVEN dimensions in our Cosmos. 

    1. THREE dimensions we experience are defined by the X,Y,Z
       vectors. All solid objects can be described in this way.

    2. The Fourth dimension is time.

    3. The other THREE dimensions are  bound-up in the nucleus of
       atoms.  Matter is a store of time and the  reflection  and        
       interaction  between  phenomena is time. The  reason  that        
       matter  appears as it does is that these  confined  fields        
       have  not realized their expansion which would  be  Space-       
       Time creation. 

                        Cosmology and Man

    Man has viewed the heavens for eons. Still today the heaven's 
hold as much mystery for man as they did the first time man spied 
them.  The  size of the Universe is immense and the  greater  the 
distances  that  exist the flatter space is and the  less  finite 
time  is. The smaller distances are the more curved space is  and 
the more finite time becomes. These previous statements are  true 
because space-time is a function of either an expanding sphere or 
a contracting sphere. The nucleus contains the greatest curvature 
of  space-time  in  the sense that  the  nucleus  geometrical  is 
opposite  that  of  a  sphere so that  some  nuclear  forces  are 
stronger  at a distance and diminish with smaller distances  like 
that between quarks. 
    The universe is moving toward a static  equilibrium. Have you 
ever experienced a completely contented state when you had little 
or  no  needs  at all. Time seemed to stand  still  and  a  total 
feeling  of peace entered your heart and you seem to be one  with 
nature  completely  in balance. Are not our  everyday  activities 
spent  on  trying  to fulfill our perceived  or  real  needs  and 
desires? There exists in most of our lives an imbalance. We  must 
and are driven to right these imbalances, but its a never  ending 
process, than are not our bodies incomplete things. 
    The  ultimate  goal man can attain is a spirit at  peace  and 
rest in complete harmony and unity with nature. 
    The Universe exists in an imbalanced state and seeks a static 
equalibrium. Local manifestations of this fact are galaxies   and 
even suns within galaxies. Whether the big bang is correct or not 
is  conjecture  but  there exists on the  local  level  countless 
imbalances,the  mere  fact that bodies exist is  proof  of  these 
    What exists are emitters that tell us exactly where they  are 
and  reflectors that also show us their existence  because  their 
motion is less than that of light. The third type are Black-holes 
and dark bodies. These can vary but a new black-hole functions to 
contract  time while a dark body may very well be a spent  black-
hole or low level matter where some radiation may be present. 
    As light is attracted into a black hole it disappears from us 
for  light does not reflect light so that black holes are  always 
attracting light in different intensities depending on the  light 
energy  present  in the black holes influenced  area.  Only  when 
matter  is attracted do black holes reveal their presence.  Black 
holes  exist  that only attract light and all  kinds  of  factors 
interact that create different situations. 
    In local areas the over accumulation of matter (stored  time) 
creates an imbalance the space-time that it exists within is much 
more  confined  then the space-time within  which  the  imbalance 
resolves itself. The mere fact that matter has come together  and 
formed  emitter  structures such as suns shows us  that  a  local 
confined  imbalance  results in electromagnetic  radiation  being 
dispersed  over  a  much larger area than the  original  area  of 
imbalance.  Thus this radiation is redistributing  the  imbalance 
more  evenly over a greater distance in all directions. The  mass 
of the imbalance determines the structure and stage as to how the 
imbalance  will  be resolved. No phenomena is  totally  local  in 
character so the combination and variety of ways that  imbalances 
can  resolve  themselves  is countless. The  larger  mass  of  an 
imbalance  will  eventually  result in a  greater  radiation  and 
dispersion of matter such as a Quasar. 
    There  exist  no empty areas in the universe for  fields  are 
always  present.  So called empty spaces could be  determined  to 
exist if an area were found that was not capable of  transmitting 
    On a large scale first studies had  shown the universe to  be 
homogeneous but more contemporary studies have shown the universe 
to  be structured more like  a foam with so called  empty  spaces 
between  foam structures. Empty spaces have possibly been  caused 
by  black-holes  resolving a local area. Here  empty  spaces  are 
meant to be areas of little or no systems.
    If light is dimensional-less time than matter is  dimensional 
stored  time and matter in motion is uni-directional  dimensional 
stored time. 
    Within the image stream is both the multi-dimensional  aspect 
(stored time) and a lower level aspect uni-dimensional aspect  of 
matter  having a much lower energy level and only one  aspect  of 
direction.  It  is because of this combination of  higher   level 
stored time aspect and lower level motion aspect that results  in 
matter in motion reflecting light. The matter through its  motion 
is  only realizing a small portion of its total time dynamism  if 
and  when all the momentum confined within matter were   released 
than the maximun time expansion and total time dynamism would  be 
realized achieving a beautiful universe of balance and unity.                  
    Is not man continuously trying to right a system  continually 
out  of  balance  (his  physical self) while  at  the  same  time 
struggling with his spiritual self generated by the light  within 
the  very universe he finds unfathomable. Physical and  spiritual 
reality  are inextricably intertwined. Life is far simplier  than 
we think, so seek peace and love within your life. 


    Nature  is rife with examples of logarithmic  structures  and 
relationships. So my theory is an explanation of these phenomena. 
There will be applications of my theories  that are un-imaginable 
at  this time but I encourage everyone to use this knowledge  for 
the  common good. In the end we as human beings must  nuture  our 
spiritual  selfs so that we may create a little light where  none 
existed before.  

                                                   George Butler