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Accuracy In Media - learn more about the propaganda machine

Accuracy In Academia - get some egghead views

American Gulf War Veterans Association - Joyce Riley serves as spokesperson for the American Gulf War Veterans Association who's purpose is to provide education and information for the Gulf War veterans and their families and to seek treatment for the illnesses that thousands of Gulf War veterans now suffer from.

American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) - is a  nationally prominent charity watchdog service whose purpose is to help donors make informed giving decisions.

Amnesty International - working to protect human rights world wide

Center for Public Integrity - The mission of the Center for Public Integrity is to provide the American people with the findings of our investigations and analyses of public service, government accountability and ethics related issues.

Committee to Protect Journalists - An independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending press freedom worldwide. Fact - government by the people, this site offers wonderful search tools for finding media, politicians by congressional districts even their most recent votes such as on U.S. Patriot Act. etc in your area

Factcheck - Annenberg political, holding politicians accountable

FAIR - "FAIR is a media watch group. FAIR stands for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting and basically we examine mainstream news media and try to consider who gets to speak, which perspectives are included and which are left out. And we also try to look at the influence that corporate ownership of media outlets and corporate sponsorship of media have on the content of the news we see and hear. We also publish a magazine Extra!, a radio show Counterspin, as well as providing a website and listserve." (Janine Jackson)

Freedom House - this is an organization that rates Nation-States according to the degree of freedom their citizens enjoy

HoaxBusters  - Internet hoaxes and chain letters are e-mail messages written with one purpose; to be sent to everyone you know. The messages they contain are usually untrue. A few of the sympathy messages do describe a real situation but that situation was  resolved years ago so the message is not valid and has not been valid for many years. Hoax messages try to get you to pass them on to everyone you know using several different methods of social engineering

Hoax du Jour - What is a "hoax du jour?" With the advent of widespread use of the Internet as a medium for sharing information, the phenomenon of sharing misinformation has exploded. Conventional urban folklore and propaganda have blossomed on the Internet. Intentionally misleading information is broadcast on a professional and personal level.

Human Rights Watch - is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world

Integrity in Science works to expose conflicts of interest in scientific research and reporting.

Judicial Watch - welcome to Judicial Watch online!, a few of the many cases presently underway. - "MediaChannel is a media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide. As the media watch the world, we watch the media.

Media Reform Information Center - Links dealing with media reform, commercialism, public relations, media ownership, etc.

Media Research Center - "Founded by L. Brent Bozell III in 1987 with the mission of bringing political balance to the nationís news media and responsibility to the entertainment media, the Media Research Center (MRC) has grown into the nationís largest and most respected conservative media watchdog organization."

Media Transparency - investigates "The Money behind the Media"  

National Fraud Information Center - The NFIC was originally established in 1992 by the National Consumers League, the oldest nonprofit consumer organization in the United States, to fight the growing menace of telemarketing  fraud by improving prevention and enforcement.

Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee (OKBIC) - our primary mission is to find the whole truth about the fatal attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building on April 19, 1995

POGO - Founded in 1981 POGO is an independent non-profit that investigates and exposes corruption and other misconduct in order to achieve a more accountable federal government.

Project Censored - Founded by Carl Jensen in 1976, Project Censored is a media research program working in cooperation with numerous independent media groups in the US. Project Censoredís principle objective is training of SSU students in media research and First Amendment issues and the advocacy for, and protection of, free press rights in the United States.

PR Watch, a project of the Center for Media & Democracy - "PR Watch offers investigative reporting on the public relations industry.  We help the public recognize manipulative and misleading PR practices by exposing the activities of secretive, little-known propaganda-for-hire firms that work to control public debates and public opinion."

Scambusters - the #1 Publication on Internet Fraud

Shadow Government Statistics - "John Williams' Shadow Government Statistics" is an electronic newsletter service that exposes and analyzes flaws in current U.S. government economic data and reporting, as well as in certain private-sector numbers, and provides an assessment of underlying economic and financial conditions, net of financial-market and political hype.

Snopes - verify rumors to be true of false 

Spinsanity - "Spinsanity is the nation's leading watchdog of manipulative political rhetoric. We work to counter the increasing dominance of techniques of deception and irrationality in American politics by identifying and dissecting outrageous and important examples of this rhetoric in daily posts and weekly columns."

Swindles - uncover swindles

Transparency International - International Corruption Index, a neat way to evaluate foreign country

Urban Legends  - here fact and fiction are differentiated so the reader attains a better sense of true reality

Wikileaks - "could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act"  ---Time Magazine.........

..............Wikileaks - is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. Our primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we are of assistance to people of nations who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations. We aim for maximum political impact. Our interface is identical to Wikipedia and usable by all types of people. We have received over 1.2 million documents so far from dissident communities and anonymous sources.





The following websites provide information and research materials relevant to Freedom House's work and principles. Freedom House is not responsible for content within the individual websites.

Political/Civil Society

Andean Commission of Jurists
Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
Center for Economic Development
Center for Economic and Social Rights
Centre for Democratic Institutions
Civil Society and Governance Programme
The Heritage Foundation
Institute for International Economics
Institute for Public Policy Research
International Commission of Jurists
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)
International Labour Organization
International Republican Institute
National Democratic Institute
National Endowment For Democracy
The Olof Palme International Center
Open Society Institute
Panos Institute
Partners for Democratic Change
Search for Common Ground
The Stefan Batory Foundation
Transparency International (TI)

Human Rights

Action Without Borders
Amnesty International
The Carter Center
Center For Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Derechos Human Rights
Estonian Institute for Human Rights
Free Africa Foundation
Fund for Peace
Global Fund for Women
Human Rights Watch
International Campaign for Tibet
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
International Human Rights Law Group
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
NCSJ: Advocates on behalf of Jews in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States & Eurasia
Physicians for Human Rights
Reebok Human Rights Award
Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy
U.S. Committee for Refugees

Freedom of Expression

Committee to Protect Journalists
Digital Freedom Network (DFN)
Freedom Forum
International Federation of Journalists
International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX)
Radio Free Asia
Reporters Sans Frontieres
World Press Freedom Committee 


The Academics Consortium Project in Civics Education
Academy for Educational Development (AED)
International Research and Exchange Board (IREX)
International Studies Association Network
Stanford University Comparative Democratization Project

International Affairs

American Foreign Policy Council
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Council on Foreign Relations
Hoover Institute on War, Revolution and Peace
International Crisis Group
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Organization of American States
United Nations
United Nations Development Program
United States Institute of Peace
U.S. State Department: Community of Democracies
U.S. State Department: Issues of Democracy
World Bank

Key Democracy Documents in Arabic

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Warsaw Declaration