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Now our commentary with our commentator George Butler

Commentator - George Butler: "Welcome to our program


This Forum is presently taking place in Davos, Switzerland where world leaders meet annually to discuss how to manage the world during the coming year.

The major ideas discussed centered around High Tech and America's obvious lead.   Some European leaders expressed the opinion that they must join in as alliance partners across the Atlantic so they will  be able to participate.  The Europeans fear that this dynamic internet and high tech era will leave them behind economically and that their world dominance will diminish. The existing European political systems are socialistic many spending 50% or more of their GDP on the public sector. Socialists are not entrepreneurs and long dominating rich families do not invite competition. 

The unspoken moves the Europeans are employing is to invest heavily into new dynamic High Tech companies wrestling control of them. Their existing interests they control through interlocking directorships and stock ownership. With these the techniques of the Venians they will probably win again.

Other ideas focused on democratizing the world, but no mention was made of Nation-State Republics but instead only the word Democracy was used. The United States should once again assume its role as World Leader and reassert its dominance leading the U.N. and the world back to establishing Republics through-out the world. Instead the Europeans with their money dominance will veto any such thing.

Europe has always been the bastion of mystery schools and dark practices emanating from Venice (The Black Arts thus The Black Nobility) this is the battlefield in the future as to whether or not America will throw off European dominance and truly become the Leader of the Free World.

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