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Europe and the world is in a swirl of debate, controversy about the ascent of Joerg Haider to power in Austria. Though he will not be part of the new cabinet his influence is seen by many as taking Austria to the extreme right. In recent days there have been protests in Vienna, and articles and reporting about Haider and his future motives concerning Austria. The European leadership fear a return to Nationalism and a move away from The European Union.  Haider has strong nationalistic tendencies that show possible sympathy with the past regimes.  Haider is able to attract a strong populist vote who are tired of the liberal, politically correct, red faction. Some comments heard on the street are that Haider says what many are thinking.  In the past he has made several comments about the Nazi regime and its policies during WW II.  These comments have caused him trouble and do reveal his sympathies with the past regimes. His popularity is with an expanding conservative, nationalistic voter who are tired of the intrusions that the European Union is making into their lives especially during a declining economic situation. Many private interests especially the banks have been taken over by foreign entities. These take-overs have become threatening to Austrians and appear to be a sell out of not only their sovereignty but their economic might.

Recently at the DAVOS WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, several speakers were using democracy as a buzzword, but now with democracy operating in Austria there are quarters who are interfering with internal Austrian Politics that have thrown away the word democracy.

We must let democracies function as they may, for to interfere with these countries would make those outspoken critics of the internal Austrian politics, against the very concept of democracy. Denying Austria its rightful place in the organizations that these same critics lobbied to create is wrong.

Today Fascism is taking so many new forms its very difficult to perceive. 

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