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Broadcast Date: Monday 06-07-99

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Announcer - This is Kirk Wesley with GCN Green City Network - News bringing you World Review Commentary with our commentator George Butler

Commentator - George Butler: "Welcome to our program


CHINAGATE - Mr. Clinton's enemies have new ammunition to attack him. The Chinagate is quickly erupting into a serious problem for Mr. Clinton. The extraordinary orders he issued to effect technology transfers to China are disturbing. The passing of the tenth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre was acknowledged in Hong Kong by large demonstrations. I helped organize the protest in 1989 on The University of Texas Campus and I will never forget that day and the tyrants that carried out the suppression and murder of Chinese citizens who still hunger for freedom.


The Power struggle continues in Russia and recently Prime Minister Stepashin stated that approximately 30 percent of the foreign food shipments to Russia were stolen. This is but the tip of the iceberg of corruption that is destroying Russia making it increasingly more unpredictable and dangerous for the west.

BONN - Here's Kirk Wesley reporting on Floy Lilley's observations from the May 31 -through June 11 UN meeting on Climate Change presently being convened in Bonn, Germany

June 7, 1999 -- by Floy Lilley, J.D.




One vocal and respected member of the European Business Council feels that baselines will

absolutely never be agreed upon by the parties. Without baselines, there is no way to say you have

met your emissions reduction obligation. So. he pushes for hammering consumers with carbon taxes

and funding more persuasive tactics through the general Tobin tax on all currency transactions.

A savvy NGO representative stated firmly to me that "these bureaucrats will keep stringing together

multiple meetings, but Kyoto will never happen" because there is no political benefit to being the man

in one of the 38 countries on the hook, who tells people they can not have energy. And, it also won't

happen because there is no environmental benefit to it.

The most powerful reason for there to be no passage of the Kyoto Protocol or any treaty like it rests

on the absence of any rebuttal to seven statements put forward a few years back. One of the abler

voices asking proponents of the Kyoto Protocol to commence open discourse is William Niskanen,

Chairman of Cato Institute. Niskanen challenged proponents "to demonstrate the accuracy of all of

the following statements" (here paraphrased):

1.Increases in carbon dioxide cause increases in temperature

2.Temperature increases lead to more costs than benefits

3.Emissions controls are the most efficient means of "solutions"

4.Early measures are superior to later measures

5.Emissions controls can be monitored and enforced

6.Governments will approve the control measures

7.It is desirable to control emissions in the rich countries even if they are not controlled in the


Arguing the scientific case for the Kyoto Protocol's ratification has to be based upon finding every

one of those seven statements true. But, not one of the seven passes any rigorous test.

The European Business Council member's problem with baselines is exactly a piece of #5 above

-"emissions controls can be monitored and enforced."

The NGO representative's concerns are reflected in #6 and #7 - "governments will approve the

control measures and it is desirable to control emissions in the rich countries even if they are not

controlled in the poor." China, Mexico, Brazil, India and most of the world will not play. If it really

were a global problem, everyone would have to play.

Kirk Wesley: now back to Mr. Butler

Mr. Butler: Thank you Kirk for that report


I attended a Y2K preparedness meeting recently and the hysteria was quite evident. It seems that Y2K can easily secure peoples attention and establish a platform from which to speak on other subjects. I fear that some people will make major decisions that they will later regret. It pays to be prepared and that is always good advice Y2K or not.


Art Bell has been having his problems. It has recently been reported that he is suing four individuals who supposedly defamed him. In addition his son was a victim of a tragic kidnapping that will have life changing consequences.



a recent ruling by a Judge in Littleton, Colorado in sealing the autopsy records of the students who perished at Columbine High School is a possible indication that something may have gone wrong during the stand-off. All autopsy records should have been made public to everyone.


In Closing remember these words: BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS!


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