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This is our commentary with our commentator George Butler

Commentator - George Butler: "Welcome to our program



This quote by Stan & Holly Deyo of Australia is disturbing.

"The Sun is exhibiting major anomalies as we write this! They're at least SEVEN

sigmoid plasma filaments connecting hot sunspots across the Sun's equator and FIVE

of these filaments are on the approach to an Earth-impacting release point. This

means that Earth could receive a major solar wind impact caused by one or more

CMEs between four and 12 days from now. The sunspot number is over 310 at

present! This scenario could very well collapse several satellite comm systems and a

lot more...."

That quote was published on the 27 0f June 1999 by Stan and Holly Deyo. So listeners be wary of this and follow updates on this breaking story on Green City Network. Breaking stories can be accessed from the Green City Network home page look for blinking text and click away.


The Latest is a dispute as to the date that Mr. Clinton was notified as to the intelligence violations. Richardson is running around congress trying to kill off investigations according to Dan Burton. It sounds like obstruction of justice.


At the last G-8 meeting in Cologne, Germany - Yeltsin looked like a ghost and news reporters are speculating that bad health will remove him from power, which is no surprise to anyone. Scandals in Moscow involve a Swiss Construction firm of Mabetex, which is also under investigation in Switzerland, is pending. So Yeltsin is a ghost not quite out of the woods yet maybe he appeared more like a burly bear lumbering around Cologne during the G-8 meeting.

In Closing remember these words: BE GOOD TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS!

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