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Broadcast Date: Saturday 08-13-2000

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Now a Brief Comment:


Fox News evening programs seems to be evolving into tabloid television. Appearing August 9, 2000 on The Hannity-Colmes, Show, Lee Alcorn former President of the N.A.A.C.P. of Dallas was interrogated, lambasted, chastised about perceived Anti-Semitic statements he made recently about Senator Lieberman being chosen as Al Gore's vice-presidential running mate. Both hosts  Hannity and Colmes attacked him for his statement, which he apologized for on the show in that he stated he used a poor choice of words. We must remember that in this attack on Alcorn, Gore-Lieberman will lose black votes. The content of Alcorn's statement concerning money was totally ignored while the attack was centered on Alcorn's comments concerning Jews. It's been said follow the money but I must add understand money secrets and then follow the money. Later Alcorn accused the media of hyping and sensationalizing such statements as his, but both Hannity and Colmes drowned him out. So much for freedom of speech. The media in America is privately owned and can do as they please.

On another Fox-News show several weeks earlier on - The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly interviewed Jim Marrs author of "Rule by Secrecy" Marrs asserted that The Council on Foreign Relations along with secret societies have been part of a Secret Rule imposed upon America without voter knowledge, approval nor consent. O'Reilly dismissed Marrs's assertion as without merit stating that these are fraternal organizations and foundations exist but have little power. I was askance for I had just witnessed the Death of the No Spin Zone. Sam Rayburn once said "To get along you have to go along". So we have a broadcast community that to be on the air must go along. One of my pet sayings is "The Main-Line Media feeds Dope to Addicts". This ends the Brief Comments segment of this program and now for a few closing comments.


Awareness comes about through the following process:

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"


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