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Broadcast Date: Sunday 10-04--2000

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BUSH GORE DEBATE I. transcript

Gore looked more presidential than Bush for he's been part of the Clinton administration for almost 8 years. Bush should have been briefed minutes before the broadcast on international hotspots and surprised Gore with some latest breaking event, but it didn't happen. Bush's remark about President Putin being of help in Yugoslavia was dated. The issues that generated conflict were education, the tax cut and prescription drugs. Bush made assertions with little evidence to back up his personal attacks on Gore. Gore made a statement about a little girl in a Florida school that was absolute a big big fib. Gore been warned about exaggerating even by his own staff but it continues. Buchanan's opinion of the debate was that Bush should have destroyed Gore with plenty of evidence and made a major point in establishing the reason for not returning the Democrats to the White House. Bush was nervous and misspoke several times, looking like he was poorly prepared for the debate. Gore wooden like continued his deceptive masses pleasing comments. The polls will show that Gore did well with women. Jim Lehrer's questions favored Gore while such critical events such as the Middle-East were ignored. Not much of a debate for Americans to be thrilled about.


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