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Broadcast Date: Sunday 01-07-2001

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Now our commentary with our commentator George Butler


The old Greek fisherman has been out all day fishing with his oldest son. As his family spies his arrival from the shore they rush down to the beach to help him beach his boat and they begin unloading the wet nets and take the fish off to be cleaned. The family begins to string the wet nets in rows down the beach to dry and as each successive row is strung the sand on the far side of the last net from the viewer begins to be obscured little by little by the successive row of nets. Though the netting allows the eye to see through it eventually enough rows of nets would eventually obscure the sand on the far side of the furthest net from the viewer. The sand represents the natural law and the nets are man-made on the shore. Man has not the power to have created the sand so God did. Man wove the nets used out in the sea to catch fish and used on shore to obscure the sand thus obscuring truth. The nets represent man-made ideas, concepts, and notions used to catch mans minds though obscuring the truth with systems of thought that confuse, bewilder and seduce man so to become delusional trapped and used by their masters, most of the time unwittingly and unknowingly. Thus man's paradox is how to awaken to truth when strong and dark ideas bind one to ego and self-greatness.


Now some closing statements.

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"

The first "Know Thyself" was a saying used by Socrates to teach. This saying helps one to understand their own personality and character traits so that one might be able to reform those negative traits.

The second, "Know Thy Thoughts" denotes a process of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are unfolding and how those thoughts mold one's actions.

The third "Know Thy World" is a journey of discovery of worldly things. We should endeavor to discover those systems that control us through a systemized state of debasement.

In the end we must expose and reveal truth, so we might speak for freedom, a freedom built up by a belief in God, humbling oneself, bending thy knee to a higher power and redirecting of one's soul in a new direction where worldly things are unimportant and Godly things the only path, the only way, the only direction.

In Closing remember these words:


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