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Broadcast Date: Monday 03-13-2000

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Now our commentary with our commentator George Butler

Commentator - George Butler: "Welcome to our program


The democrats have been much better during the last 7 years in using their Hollywood connections in producing some of the best political propaganda pieces this century has seen. These masterpieces have been successful in allowing Clinton to remain in office, despite The City's best efforts in using Ambrose Evans Pritchard to discredit and run Clinton from office. Clinton defeated The City with cunning, Chinese Money and a very influential Liberal. Press. The present race between Bush and Gore will see a continuation in the left digging up everything they possibly can to discredit Bush. Bush's campaign is quickly seizing on Clinton-Gore scandals to mount a blitz-kreig that the Republicans will use to sweep out Gore and allow them to enter the Whitehouse. The European Oligarchs thought they had stopped Clinton before the last presidential by cutting off funds but Clinton looked to the east and secured campaign money to successful defeat a weak Republican Candidate. The present race will test the Republicans ability to heal their divisions and successfully out propagandize the Democrats. The Pat Buchanan card has not been played yet and coupled with a rising Alan Keyes popularity in Conservative and religious circles may cast some pleasant surprises. It's gonna be in hell of an election year and let's pray that some National Emergency will not leave Clinton in the Whitehouse compound.


Awareness comes about through the following process:

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"


In Closing remember these words:


This is your commentator George Butler turning the program over to Kirk Wesley with some program announcements. .

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