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Broadcast Date: Monday 03-20-2000

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Sunday March 19, 2000 a re-enactment took place at  Fort Hood in Texas of the Branch Davidian Waco Standoff.  The question will soon be forth coming as to whether or not the reenactment was fairly done or was fixed to skew the results. Keep tuned to Green City Network for the latest.

Now our commentary with our commentator George Butler

Commentator - George Butler: "Welcome to our program

CLINTON CHARGES - and potpourri

Independent Counsel Robert Ray continues to investigate Clinton and at this time does not rule out possible Criminal Charges. If any criminal charges are posed, than Clinton will probably resign and get Gore to pardon him and Hillary. Watch for this to possibly occur at the end of the year. Also the danger of China making an aggressive move on Taiwan is real especially since Clinton owes the Chinese for campaign funds. The dangers in Asia loom very large for Pakistan and India are in conflict, North Korea remains aggressive, China is becoming very threating. The future power center is Asia and whether the western powers can control their money clients is the question. It seems that the new world order is already in place, one can call it, mammon, international finance, money chargers, or the power brokers, it comes in many forms but always rules through hidden means thus the real secret of the mystery schools is the secret of perpetuating a system of  hidden rule.


Awareness comes about through the following process:

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"


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