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Broadcast Date: Sunday 05-20-2001

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A recent Article from Ananova News

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TWO people faint during cannibal sex film(Kirk Wesley) read article

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Hollywood much less the Cannes Film Festival are constantly bringing the public violence and sex infested films. This film quoted in the previous article is merely an example of those Godless and debased ideas.

Now our commentary with our commentator George Butler


America must move rapidly to reintegrate itself into the Middle-East Peace Process. There have been too many deaths on both sides and The Bush Administration must move decisively to stop the carnage.


Recent revelations about the Oklahoma Bombing have given new life to Timothy Mcveigh. This withholding of evidence scandal has made the Oklahoma Bombing once again the focus of a public which was eagerly waiting for Mcveigh's execution. The government is trying to do damage control, but these revelations have provided an opportunity for an ill-informed public to gain a much more honest view and insight of the bombing. There remain serious questions concerning multiple bombs, additional conspirators and the real possibility of a failed government sting operation that resulted in the loss of 168 lives including women and children.

Many determined and dedicated independent investigators have devoted time, energy and money to revealing the truth about the Oklahoma Bombing. I wish them good luck and Godspeed.


We need to explore the possibility of bringing inexpensive clean hydro-electricity from Canada by way of cross-country high-lines distributing the power to Utility companies which will in turn retail the power to its customers. This idea was proposed 35 years ago but died for lack of support and political will.


Now some closing statements.

"Know Thy Self"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"

The first "Know Thyself" was a saying used by Socrates to teach. This saying helps one to understand their own personality and character traits so that one might be able to reform those negative traits.

The second, "Know Thy Thoughts" denotes a process of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are unfolding and how those thoughts mold one's actions.

The third "Know Thy World" is a journey of discovery of worldly things. We should endeavor to discover those systems that control us through a systemized state of debasement.

In the end we must expose and reveal truth, so we might speak for freedom, a freedom built up by a belief in God, humbling oneself, bending thy knee to a higher power and redirecting of one's soul in a new direction where worldly things are unimportant and Godly things the only path, the only way, the only direction.

In Closing remember these words:


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"The Delusion HIDES The Delusion"

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