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Broadcast Date: Sunday 07-01-2001

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Electronic Telegraph - Sunday 1 July 2001

SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC is planning to embarrass Britain and other Western governments by revealing at his war crimes trial at The Hague the secret deals which he claims propped up his regime during a decade of bloodshed in the Balkans.

Milosevic: I'll name British leaders who helped me



Philippine Volcano Likely to Explode...

Israeli Planes Attack Syrian Radar

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"Natural Economics Bubbles forth


the Spring of Divine Wisdom"


Now our commentator George Butler


The revolt against truth is an international movement that hopes to substitute un-natural concepts for natural law concepts. The movement is primarily comprised of men who's pride goes before their fall, meaning that the social synergistic slave state that they have become ensnared into is little realized for their monumental egos obscure the fact of their imprisonment. These movers and shakers rise to the top of a hierarchical pyramid driven by mechanisms of ideas and concepts created, invented by sorcerers intended to dominate, control and enslave the world. These forces primarily use un-natural ideas and secret rule controlled by secret societies spewing forth secret passwords. Within this dynamic the people suffer from egos combating egos as rivals fight onward not realizing that the means of the world's destruction is in their hands. The initiation of legions into this dynamic through others wills and programming is the method to create dupes worldwide. These men are some of the finest minds but they have little knowledge of street smart reality thus they fail to see their slavery on a large scale. They are presented awards, degrees, and honors all that feed that which is wrong in them and wrong for the world. To see this truth is to come out of the delusion, one of 6 billion, our own unique self-delusion peculiar only to us. The inverted ego is like a crevasse that is difficult to leap across but once on the other side it becomes like a mountain from the top where one can see forever.

Now some closing statements.

"Know Thy Self"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"

The first "Know Thyself" was a saying used by Socrates to teach. This saying helps one to understand their own personality and character traits so that one might be able to reform those negative traits.

The second, "Know Thy Thoughts" denotes a process of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are unfolding and how those thoughts mold one's actions.

The third "Know Thy World" is a journey of discovery of worldly things. We should endeavor to discover those systems that control us through a systemized state of debasement.

In the end we must expose and reveal truth, so we might speak for freedom, a freedom built up by a belief in God, humbling oneself, bending thy knee to a higher power and redirecting of one's soul in a new direction where worldly things are unimportant and Godly things the only path, the only way, the only direction.

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"The Delusion HIDES The Delusion"

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