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Broadcast Date: Sunday 08-20-2000

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The Conservative philosophy in America was founded on religious principles. Several Founding fathers were well schooled in Natural Law thus Natural Rights followed. The first and foremost Natural Right is the right of self preservation, the right to defend oneself from others and especially the right to defend oneself from tyrannical government even the right to overthrow that government when necessary.

The Liberal philosophy in America was seeded in by several mechanisms. The first was public schools first created in New York and Boston. These school systems introduced liberal ideas into the population on a mass basis. John Dewey's idea that education's goal should be one of socialization has resulted in the schools becoming extensions of government that pacify and mollify its students. Other powerful groups developed out of utopian ideas that resulted in the growth of Secular Humanism especially accelerated by the growth of state-supported Universities and Colleges. Today many community college textbooks ignore who the anti-federalists were in American History. Instead a dominate and good Federal-Statist system is stressed and reinforced in the student's minds serving to justify the growth and power of the federal system. In addition America was influenced by foreign groups such as the socialist Fabian Society in England, from Germany and Italy came fascist authoritarianism.

Today the two dominant political parties mirror the two philosophies of Liberalism and Conservatism. The Democratic Party is leading the cause to secure greater benefits from a federal government out of control. The need for medical services has always existed but the dark wave of inflation cascaded and washed into our society socialism much like the Fabian techniques of slowly, incrementally bringing socialism to England. So the declining purchasing power of the dollar manifested two wage earner families, child-care, food stamps and other welfare programs strengthening the hold of government over its people. The Republican Conservatives argue against the welfare state but a mere argument can't immediately dismiss the decline of the purchasing power of the dollar. Additional factors affecting our economy are monopolistic businesses and foundations acting in concert with government control and regulation growing these monopolies along with an overlaying money monopoly. The resulting inflationary spiral this century, has rippled through-out our economy, crippling and enslaving our society, as some seemingly triumphantly, stand-up at conventions, extolling those crusaders for demanding greater human rights and benefits from our masters.

We as Americans must try and awaken from a delusional state one where great powers use us as they please. This ends the commentary segment of this program.

Awareness comes about through the following process:

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"

In Closing remember these words:


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