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Broadcast Date: Sunday 10-28-2001

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Now our commentary with commentator George Butler


Deceptions abound everywhere. The world's elite rules the masses without them realizing it. To accomplish this the people must be deceived into believing systems of thought. These systems of thought vary so that the net is a wide one. There are religious, political, secular; and social systems of thought etc so many variations that I have not the time to enumerate them. Anyway these systems are taught to peoples through-out the world, except that the one real subject that is excluded are secrets of money for the elite rule through the manipulation of the money creation system and they certainly don't desire those secrets to be taught in our schools.

The dynamic is analogous to falling in love; we fall in love with another, a church, and a cult of personality like a sports figure. We are forever submitting ourselves to the wrong ideas and the wrong people. There is an exception when religion under the guise and behind the veil of helping others seduces us with our fellow members, all of us helping others together. The problem with the churches is that they do not preach the truth about the money system to their congregations thus they participate in the submission of their flocks to money dominance, the worship of mammon not God. Worldly hustles abound.

The world is managed along the lines of a gigantic mind-wash system, using many different types of systems of thought to control through. For example in the American press little is mentioned about pipelines being contemplated to be built through Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea. In additional money is never mentioned as to a driving force either for the World Trade Center crashbombing nor the war in Afghanistan. We really exist in a sphere of electromagnetic light and air through which this medium facilities the transmission into our minds of rubbish that serves to fail ourselves and collectively the world. In this failed condition we remain in a delusional state one that hides itself. My work of late has been to help individuals awaken to this delusional state and to help them come out as much as is humanely possible out of this state. It is very difficult for individuals to awaken to the delusion for they have been educated into this delusion so that the more educated and higher ranking of those with degrees makes it nearly impossible to demonstrate to them the essence of their slavery. We all are in this world together and we must minister to one another's needs.  








Now some closing statements.

"Know Thy Self"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"

The first "Know Thyself" was a saying used by Socrates to teach. This saying helps one to understand their own personality and character traits so that one might be able to reform those negative traits.

The second, "Know Thy Thoughts" denotes a process of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are unfolding and how those thoughts mold one's actions.

The third "Know Thy World" is a journey of discovery of worldly things. We should endeavor to discover those systems that control us through a systemized state of debasement.

In the end we must expose and reveal truth, so we might speak for freedom, a freedom built up by a belief in God, humbling oneself, bending thy knee to a higher power and redirecting of one's soul in a new direction where worldly things are unimportant and Godly things the only path, the only way, the only direction.

In Closing remember these words:


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"The Delusion HIDES The Delusion"

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