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Next a brief comment

Our society today is much more subjective and feelings based than in the past so decisions by whatever body tend to reflect a greater subjective, emotional viewpoint than in the past.

Now our commentary with our commentator George Butler


Our founding fathers meeting in Philadelphia who drew up the constitution had only the authority to revise "The Articles of Confederation" not to draw up a new generic law for the states. The convention was held in secrecy with Maine being the only state not sending delegates. The "Bill of Rights" was not an original part of the Constitution but was forced on the states by the Anti-Federalists who considered the Constitution as giving too much power to the Federal Government. Thomas Jefferson and George Mason both Anti-Federalist were responsible for limiting the federal government's power by insisting on adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Without the addition of the Bill of Rights there would not have been a republic formed.

Alexander Hamilton a prominent leader of the Federalists had two major goals, first he wanted only the federal government to have the right of money creation and he wanted to compensate the British Loyalists for property confiscated from them during the American Revolution, he accomplished both goals. These two goals would later haunt us when first the right of money creation was transferred by congress to a private group and secondly those Loyalists who were compensated became part of the Eastern Establishment that slaves and opium capitalized.

Today we have a citizenry that have been conditioned to believe in a living, breathing constitution. That feelings are all that count and that there are no absolutes.

The answer to these misleading beliefs is that "A Living Constitution can Die" yes the idea that the constitution can change is changing and supporters who believe in judicial activism are changing it into whatever they desire.

Secondly feelings are to be respected but to truly benefit our fellow man we must above all respect truth and finally if one visits outer space without a space suit one will assuredly, absolutely perish.

 Now some closing statements.

"Know Thyself"

"Know Thy Thoughts"

"Know Thy World"

The first "Know Thyself" was a saying used by Socrates to teach. This saying helps one to understand their own personality and character traits so that one might be able to reform those negative traits.

The second, "Know Thy Thoughts" denotes a process of being able to observe ones thoughts as they are unfolding and how those thoughts mold one's actions.

The third "Know Thy World" is a journey of discovery of worldly things. We should endeavor to discover those systems that control us through a systemized state of debasement.

In the end we must expose and reveal truth, so we might speak for freedom, a freedom built up by a belief in God, humbling oneself, bending thy knee to a higher power and redirecting of one's soul in a new direction where worldly things are unimportant and Godly things the only path, the only way, the only direction.

In Closing remember these words:


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