C.oming O.ut O.f...IT

a way of not being

This system of thought is meant not to be a way of being but instead is a process of release that results in a way of not being. To come out of it is to start deprogramming oneself through a real striving for truth that is unfettered with only a minimal ego system. Slavery of the mind can be accomplished through any world view whether the system is a Christian Fundamentalist or Atheistic view. They both can be wrongly used to judge. Judging results in one thinking they have discovered some great mystery that leads toward a greater self. We all suffer from self-delusion by degree and in this state we forever seek out those imputes that support the ego state and continue the state of denial and ignorance. The ego senses wrongly that any negative about the self is a threat to the individual, a threat to ones survival. To see and accept these negatives, thus initiating a process of positive change of release is to enhance ones survival. The ego perpetuating delusion is the threat!.

Be Good To Yourself and Others,
Love, Achieve & Create Beauty!
- george greenville butler


C.oming O.ut O.f...IT


Divine Reflections

God Creations


Self Rule

God Rule

Deposess All

Forgive All Always

Usury Not

Mind Rule

Money Rule


Babylonian Mystery School

Babylonian Capitalism


Note: The above three sayings, Deposess All, Forgive All Always and Usury Not, function as a interface of amelioration between the confrontation of the God Driven worldview and the Man Driven worldview.

Divine Reflections - If man can only attain an infinitesimally small reflection of the divine than man's existence can prove to have been successful, the important point is that man can never be the essence of the divine, but only reflect a part of the divine. To believe that one is of the divine is to be trapped in a pantheistic system of mystic egoism

Self-Rule - This comes about when one couples right thoughts with right actions. Right thoughts are thoughts that continue the process of coming out of the delusion and that process is a manifestation of right action.

God Creations - God created the heavens and the earth thus embedded within the creation are natural laws of which we observe directly and must obey.

Babylonian Capitalism - is the form of temple money and banking first recorded on clay tablets and today the fractional banking system creates money from out of thin air charging interest on conjured money that can best be described as Money Sorcery.

Money Rule - those with the gold rule -  this reality establishes a pecking order that is idolatry driven propagating thought slavery and submission to rule.

Babylonian Mystery School - the mystery schools originated in Babylon and were intended to be a secret means to control and enslave men, through the gnosis or hidden and occult knowledge, men would control others.

Mind Rule - Thought policing is the process, for all are victims of their thoughts and the false ideas that have been imposed upon us by the thought police, plying their wicked craft, can be described as mind sorcery where ideas are conjured up and used to control people's minds.       

This chart should be used as a teaching tool to help people coming out of it....the delusion!


FORGIVE ALL ALWAYS - Forgiveness releases all from a synergistic system of hate-fueled megalomanical creatures who manifest a demagoguery of ruler ship establishing and nurturing a man created rebellion against goodness

USURY NOT - minimize interest paying thereby reducing economic slavery to those who unrightfully have gained control over the un-natural mechanism of money creation

DEPOSESS ALL - expunge all mind and brainwashing ideas of propaganda that govern our actions and beliefs and exorcize from all structured evil

- a former addict of lies 



These following three beliefs must first be embraced before real change can begin.


--that God is greater than man 



--pray for goodness in ourselves and others



--through our continued faith and acceptance of God's grace we all shall overcome our delusion

An understanding and embracing of the above would than ready one for a truly spiritual process of realization, contemplation and acceptance. The following process is simple.  



A. Inventory those that have hurt you. - forgive them thus breaking that mental slavery caused by the remembering and playing over and over in the conscious mind of the hurtful event.

B.. Inventory those you have hurt or wronged - seek their forgiveness, making amends and also repaying monies if due. 

C. Make amends beginning immediately after identifying individuals wronged. There is a right time and place to make these amends, so choose carefully the time and place.    

Resolution: Forgiveness Being



A. Cut up credit cards - perhaps leaving one card intact for traveling.

B. List outstanding loans and terms with the true rate of interest

C. Eliminate all debt in the future

D. Use the latest computer software for bookkeeping, budgeting, investment and tax preparation.

E. The idolatrous system we are born into is material based reflecting ideas of objects streaming into our eyes thus we become transfixed and mind washed by objects associated with ego flattering. Money secures a greater number of these objects that create an almost insurmountable prison wall around us.

Resolution: Stop totally the paying of interest



A. Personal - take a battery of personality tests thus attaining a better understanding of oneself.

B. Self Thinking - meditate not in the sense of eastern meditation but more of a meditation prayer state that enables one to observe ones conscious stream of thoughts.

C. External World - study the world power hierarchy, mind control systems and demonic systems 

Resolution: Bring unto and expose within God's light these ills of which we suffer, thus freeing oneself and others from them.

Know Thyself, Know Thy Thoughts, Know Thy World!

- george greenville butler

Mission Statement - This process is not intended to create another ego support system but instead is intended to bring one out of all systems that enslave. These simple ideas should be carried within each one of our hearts continuing an individual process of each student becoming a teacher to their   fellow man!

- george greenville butler



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