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BE GOOD TO YOURSELF! - an excellent Self-Help Booklet


"Be Good To Yourself " Saying if we could only live


such simple ways


BE GOOD TO YOURSELF! T-Shirts available soon


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Front saying is "Be Good To Yourself! and the rear reads: "Be Good To Yourself and Others, Love Achieve and Create Beauty! ....T-Shirts Available soon

Be Good To Yourself - booklet by George Butler is a self-help booklet to read more about the booket including the introduction  and to read the "Be Good To Yourself"  booklet Quote.

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Christmas Short Stories - george greenville butler - stories touching the heart (one example of eight short stories in this booklet)
Friends - George Butler - a story set during the Civil War
The Home-Less Duck - george greenville butler - stories touching the heart

Time Dynamism - by george greenville butler

a new Space-Time theory conjunctively establishing a new theory of perspective, you can either download this short version or send for the longer version containing a new gravitational theory - Download "Time Dynamism" word file

For one time publishing rights of any of the above works E-Mail... grnciti@aol.com - or talk to George Butler direct at 512 892-1128 fax 512 892-5645

TEXAS JOURNAL - Texas Journal - Newsletter, Bob Ward publisher & radio host

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